World Records Association recognizes five culinary records from Vietnam

World Records Association recognizes five culinary records from Vietnam

Goi cuon, or summer rolls, served at a market in Ho Chi Minh City. Photo by VnExpress/Ma Lum

Hong Kong-based World Records Association (WRA) has recently acknowledged five culinary records set by Vietnam, the Vietnamese record organization VietKings announced.

The country has the largest number of ‘strand and broth’ dishes in the world and the most kinds of mam (fermented seafood) dishes with unique flavors in the world, WRA stated last month.

Vietnam also has the world’s most dishes made from flowers; boasts the most kinds of special rolls and dishes made from rice flour.

These five world records of Vietnam had been recognized by World Records Union (WorldKings), the first union of national and regional records organizations in the world, in late 2020.

This is the first time Vietnam has had five culinary records granted by two world organizations, VietKings noted.

VietKings also revealed it is finalizing a dossier to nominate six new culinary records to WorldKings and WRA.

These nominations are the world’s most attractive and diverse street food cuisine, the most souvenir and specialty items, the most homemade dishes, the most kinds of xoi (steamed sticky rice) and che (sweet soup) dishes, the most kinds of unique spice items, and the biggest producer and exporter of Robusta coffee with the world’s most distinctive Robusta coffee culture.

Established in 2010, WRA lists global civilian world records and aims to become the most professional listing organization of world records in the world.